NEPERFEKTA * Esperanto for Imperfect

NEPERFEKTA is an experiment by the team behind the label IMPERFECTION. In contrast to a heavily charged brand narrative, NEPERFEKTA aims to provide a space for the team to express their full creative freedom, with no hidden message and no agenda.

Esperanto, an experimental language, was created to unite, foster peace and international understanding; to facilitate communication among people of different languages, countries, and cultures.

The creative essence of the small capsule is reflexive; inspired by anything and everything experienced at the moment. Congruent to Esperanto, NEPERFEKTA also aims to mimic its three goals of ease of use, promote empathy and unity.

Serie 1: Tears of Joy

With 2unified drops, NEPERFEKTA’s first series called “Tears of Joy” reflects on the shared experiences resulting from the current times of social distancing and isolation:

From pain to acceptance, to exhilaration, tears are the first mark of the emotional rollercoaster we all went through. It accompanied a vast range of associated feelings, from shock to gratitude then onto optimism; reminding us that we are all human.